19 Feb

People of Earth:  Check out my Dogma (aka Local) Box from Boston Organics this week:

Squeeeee produce!!

Squeeeee produce!!

You are looking at:

1 lbs Empire Apples (VT)
1 lbs Mutsu Apples (VT)
1 Butternut Squash (MA)
1 lbs Carrots (MA)
2 lbs Red Potatoes (MA)
1 lbs Scarlet Turnips (MA)
0.75 lbs Sunchokes (Quebec)
2 lbs Sweet Potatoes (MA)
1 lbs Watermelon Radishes (MA)


Throw me a comment if anything of the above ingredients stirs your imagination.


Oh, also, this one carrot looked like a man running:


Run, little guy!

Run, little guy!


Oh, I should also add that Boston Organics is not exactly a CSA.  They aggregate produce from several farms.  I get the “Dogma Box”, which limits my selection to local farms only.  As you can see, most of this week’s items came from my home state of Massachusetts, but a few things came in from Vermont and Quebec.  I refer to it as “CSA” because it reflects the CSA problem a lot of people have: a box of amazing produce and no idea what to do with it.  So calling it CSA makes it easier for us to find each other.  But just so you know, I don’t own a portion of a farm, and I’m not affiliated with Boston Organics.  Just a customer.

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