Proprietary CSA Veg Scraps Stock

27 Feb

Another week, another stock.  This one was loaded with aromatics and turned out very rich.

One week's worth of frozen vegetable scraps

One week's worth of frozen vegetable scraps












Let’s see….what’s in here?  Green onion roots, carrot skins, radish butts, turnip whiskers, fennel chunks, and dried-up rosemary, and ginger.

Mmmmmm scrappy

Mmmmmm scrappy











Add water and a pinch of salt, and you get Hot Vegetable Water.  One hour later, it’s “stock”.

Hot Vegetable Water

Hot Vegetable Water

Voila!  Le Stock!

Voila! Le Stock!












Bucket 'o Stock

Bucket 'o Stock

Aaaaand into a container you go.


2 Responses to “Proprietary CSA Veg Scraps Stock”

  1. Anthony at 5:24 pm #

    Ha~ so you prepared a huge stock ha? But I just wonder how will you store it? Frozen them in the fridge?
    If you are interested in more vegan/vegetarian soup recipes, please go to the website below:
    Check it out! I hope you can find recipes that interest you.

    • omgcsa at 8:56 pm #

      You know, I usually just use it up in a week, and then it’s time to make some more. Maybe the picture makes it look like a lot. It’s only like 6 cups. So I store it in the fridge. If I can’t use it in time, I’ll freeze it in ice cube trays and use it later.

      Thanks for the comment and the link!

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