Summary Post

2 Mar

Here’s everything I made with my produce box in the past two weeks.  New box coming tomorrow!

1 lbs Empire Apples (VT) – Ate ’em naked.  Just like that.
1 lbs Mutsu Apples (VT) – Ditto.
1 Butternut Squash (MA) – Butternut Squash Bacon Soup, Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds
1 lbs Carrots (MA) – Carrot Fennel Ginger Sesame Salad ,
2 lbs Red Potatoes (MA) – Bacon Rosemary Potatoes
1 lbs Scarlet Turnips (MA) – Tunisian Turnips with Harissa
0.75 lbs Sunchokes (Quebec) – Sunchoke Truffle Soup
2 lbs Sweet Potatoes (MA) – Sweet Potato Curry Fries
1 lbs Watermelon Radishes (MA) – Tunisian Radishes with Harissa,  although truthfully, I’m hanging on to most of these guys because I know I have some salad greens coming tomorrow.  Squeee!!!

Oh and of course, Le Stock! Always Le Stock!

Here’s what I have leftover:

1/2 a butternut squash

1 lb sweet potatoes

3/4 lb watermelon radishes.

But I have plans for all of those….DEVIOUS plans….mwahahahaha

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