Green Cabbage Panic Leads to Fish Tacos

13 Apr

How many cabbages have I purchased in the last like 15 years?  Maybe….2?  So what do I do when I get two cabbages in my not-quite-CSA box? Panic.

After the initial cabbage-induced anxiety attacks subsided, I realized there were plenty of cool things to do with green cabbage:

-Fish tacos with lots of shredded cabbage.  After a friend mentioned the terms “fish tacos” in passing, I couldn’t think about anything else for like a week. So that was good.

-Okonomiyaki….more on that in a future post.


For fish tacos, I really wanted to emulate Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. I love these tacos in particular because of the piles of shredded cabbage.

Never thought I would be that happy to see a bowl of shredded cabbage.

Never thought I would be that happy to see a bowl of shredded cabbage.









Lemme tell you about that knife.  It’s a Kyocera 5.5″ Ceramic Santoku.  My friend gave it to me years ago, and it is still the sharpest thing in my kitchen.  Fantastic device. Never needs sharpening, and great for small hands.

This whole fish taco dinner thing was really easy.  The only thing that required any kind of prep was the fish.  We used tilapia.  All we did was season it with a little salt, pepper, lime, and olive oil, then we sauteed it.

Fish Taco Assemblage

Fish Taco Assemblage








Here’s what’s on the table:

-corn tortillas

-some salsa from a jar (not very exciting)

-shredded cabbage

-fresh cilantro

-sour cream

-sauteed onions + green bell peppers

-lime wedges

-big bowl o’ tortilla chips

-and a little bowl of garlic Rooster sauce, per Wahoo’s.

…aaaaand the fish was in the sautee pan, out of frame.  But it was there.  I promise.

Soooo….guess who forgot to take pictures of the finished product?  Just imagine it looked like those Wahoo’s tacos above….

2 Responses to “Green Cabbage Panic Leads to Fish Tacos”

  1. Natalia at 9:22 pm #

    Were these the fish tacos Gary and I helped obliterate? You can’t really pause to take pictures with us around good food :).

    • omgcsa at 9:30 pm #

      Yes ma’am. Come over and help me obliterate something else soon.

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