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New Box!! zOMG!!1!

13 Apr

Here she is:

Box o' root veggie lovin'

Box o' root veggie lovin'

You are looking at:

1 lbs Empire Apples (VT)
1 lbs Mutsu Apples (VT)
1 lbs Black Radishes (Quebec)
1 lbs Carrots (Quebec)
1 small head Green Cabbage (Quebec)
1 1lb bag Parsnips (Quebec)
1 2lb bag Rainbow Mix Potatoes (ME)
1 lbs Red Beets (Quebec)
1 lbs Red or Yellow Onions (NY)
1 lbs Sunchokes (Quebec)

I think I’m gonna obliterate much of this box by making borscht.  Not a watery pink broth but a big hearty, beefy, chunky borscht.  That will use up the beets, some carrots, onions, cabbage, potatoes, and maybe a parsnip.  Although, I wanna hold onto the parsnips for that curry turmeric parsnip soup I didn’t get a chance to post last time.

For the black radishes, I will either make that awesome Black Radish Beer Snack again, or I’ll try frying them into little pancakes with scallions.  I bet those would taste rad with my leftover Katsu sauce from the Okonomiyaki.

The sunchokes will probably wind up in Round 3 of the Sunchoke Truffle Soup, unless anyone has a fresh idea.

When soup season is over, I will probably cry.  Just a heads-up.